Our team has decades of experience building large-scale, modern, robust applications in many different technologies. Whether you’re looking to build a web, mobile, or desktop application, you can count on the HubSharp Solutions experts to build a world-class solution that fits your needs.


These days, every industry is running some part of their business online, whether it’s e-commerce, health care, banking, or many others. Our team has decades of proven experience building commercial web applications in a variety of technologies and frameworks. Whether you’re bringing a new idea to market quickly or adding game-changing capabilities to something you already have, we can help make sure it’s a success.


The number of people accessing their favorite sites and services from their mobile phone or tablet is growing year over year, and mobile is a crucial gateway for accessing new customers. Don’t let your business be left out! Let our team help you build that world-class mobile application that is going to take your business to the next level.


Not all applications are appropriate for web or mobile platforms. Sometimes, the processing power and the low latency of doing things “on the metal” is the only way to deliver crucial business applications. Our team of developers can help you build or maintain that desktop application and make sure you’re getting the best results out of every second.


We are experts at leveraging cloud services to build modern, robust, and scalable applications. Whether you prefer Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud Platform, we can help you navigate their vast catalog of service offerings and implement exactly what you need to run a low-cost, high-performance solution.


Managing a large software project can be a daunting task. The project objectives, team dynamics, team member personalities, and deadlines are sometimes difficult to manage. Our team members have years of experience managing large, complex projects for companies of all sizes in various different industries. Let us help keep your project on track, on budget and on time.


Automated, repeatable, and robust continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines are critical to the success of any development project. Our team members are experts at setting up CI/CD pipelines for all types of projects using a variety of modern tools. We have years of experience leveraging these tools to build robust software applications or modernize/stabilize existing legacy systems.


Modern tools and processes can help ensure that your development team produces high-quality software that can be deployed in a robust, repeatable way. Our team has years of experience building sophisticated build, test, and deployment pipelines leveraging many different tools.


Your application should be able to grow with your business. It should be designed with scalability in mind. In most cases, that scalability can be built into the implementation. Our team members are experts at utilizing all of the latest infrastructure, technologies, and tools to build applications that can automatically scale to meet your business needs.


Legacy systems often cannot leverage modern tools or technologies. Our team of experts can help you bring your legacy systems up to date. We have years of experience helping our clients update their legacy systems to take advantage of modern tools, technologies, and processes. Let us help you achieve your business objects by modernizing your legacy systems.


Looking to move your existing applications to the cloud? Our team of experts has years of experience building world-class applications using all of the top cloud providers. Let us help your business take advantage of the latest tools, technologies, and processes by migrating your applications to the cloud.


Do you have existing applications that are difficult to maintain and support? Maybe they were built for you by someone else and you don't have technical staff in-house. Let us help you manage these applications for your business. Let us use our decades of experience building and maintaining custom software applications to support your line of business applications.


We are experts in all areas of software development. Our team members are passionate about technology and helping our client achieve their business objectives. Let us use our decades of experience to help transform your business into a modern, high-functioning, productive team.


Access to data is critical to running a business. Let us help you gain business clarity by putting the systems in place for storing, processing, and visualizing data. Our team has decades of experience building large-scale business intelligence systems for all different types of organizations.


Need help planning your next big technology initiative or product idea? Let us help ensure your company is on the right track. Our diverse team of experts has decades of experience working with companies to achieve their technology objectives. Let us leverage our passion and experience to help you build your next great idea!


Are you struggling with technology? Are your technology initiatives always late, over budget, broken, buggy, or otherwise not at the level you need them to be. It can be difficult to pinpoint the problem sometimes. Let our team of experts audit your technology, process, and team to help identify issues and propose solutions to help get your business back on track.